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Herb Thiel

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Dead Drunk

"Oh we'll smash the saloon when we're men,

We'll hit it again and again,

We shall tear it down,

Down unto the ground,

Oh, we'll smash the saloon when we're men"


"We'll Smash the Saloon"From a Sunday School songbook ca. 1900 called "Songs for Little Singers."


"Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise."  Proverbs 20:1


I hate alcohol.  Read the rest  here.

Posted at 10/11/2005 4:59:19 am by logansackett

October 13, 2005   03:48 AM PDT
Thanks for the very personal story and comments, Daveman. It helps to know that someone else has witnessed a thing like this.
October 12, 2005   04:54 PM PDT
I know exactly what you're talking about. I was lucky I never got addicted and after I nearly killed a family in a stationwagon from my selfish need to get drunk - I quit before it got out of hand.

It scared me to think a Mom, a Dad and Children could have died in one fatal swoop - on the the count of ME! I thank God he had his hands on that family and in so doing had mercy on me in the process. I didnt deserve that mercy - but that family did. What a loving God he is.

Some few years later when I started getting my act together I quit hanging out with people who influinced me - not avoiding them, just not hanging out to drink, curse and tell dirty jokes and such.

Some years after that I had dealt with my ex-brother in law who was a walking brewery.., a product of Nam and foolish people who welcomed him home with accusations of being a baby killer. People who were not Christians but claimed to be - helped to put this man in his condition.

God delivered him one day - and for one year he was clean. I purchased him a six-pack of ROOTBEER on his 1st Anniversary off the booze and told him, "May this be the only beer you'll ever drink".

It had an impact on him. But six days later his wife ran off with an old boyfriend who came schlepping into town. A drunk his self. My brother-in-law went over to the bottle and never recouped.

I councelled, prayed and cried with him despite being slobbered on and his urinating his pants all over my car seats as I drove him around to sober him up and talk. It was a nightmare trying to help him, but was willing to try and help him.

Soon I had to walk away because his mind was made up, and he was dragging me into his hell. I still pray for him - he knows the way - but until he comes to terms with his plight and Christ - no one can help him but God.

SPIRITS - is right. I had a dog that was as docile as they come, but when someone come up drunk or had been drinking - that dog would go crazy - his fur would bristle, he'd growl and slobber as if rabid.

Yet that same person would come back sober and the dog would be relaxed. It kind of proves to me, there is more to drink than meets the eye.

You did all you can do for the man - and ultimatly, the man had to make his own mind up. We should help and be there for them when we can - but ultimately it comes down to "he had" a decision to make.

Still - we feel like we could have done something more. Once a man knows God and tastes the good things of the Lord ... we have no excuses.

Love ya bro.

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