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Herb Thiel

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
General Stuff

Since there are some people that know me and my family well and others know little or nothing I think I will just list off the players and jump in.  As time goes on you will get to know more about each of them.  The people that live in my house with me are:

The Actors
(Sorry, I am enjoying the Shakespeare thing at the moment)

Margaret:  My wife of 24 1/2 years

Grandma Pike:  Margarets Mom who has lived with us about 23 yrs.

Abigail:  My 13-year-old daughter

Tabitha:  My 15-year-old daughter

Elizabeth:  My 18-year-old daughter

Snoopy:  Our dog that used to lie on top of his house, but not on his back.

Fraidy Cat, Fee-Fo, and The Wintergreen Witch:  the cats

Blue Sky and Rainbow:  The parakeets

Roo Boom-Boom Thiel:  A very large white rabbit


Other Players
(That dont live in this house)

Benjamin:  My 21-year-old married son

Isabel:  His very nice, nobody knows how he got to be so lucky as to get a nice girl like that, wife.

Baby Thiel:  The coming grandbaby

A wide variety of supporting cast and characters

Ashley, Wendy, Ben-Down-The-Street, Ben-Next-Door, The Simonses, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Robert Heinlein, William Shakespeare, Louis LAmour, Edgar Allen Poe, Fibber McGee and Molly, Abbott and Costello, The Shadow, The Saint, Mowgli, and many others.

The Scene

A house in a neighborhood near Fort Carson, CO, across the street from Pikes Peak Community College and about 3 miles from the church, the store and the bank.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, I suppose the best way to do this is just start writing, but since I have used up all of the last couple of mornings preparing to blog, I have to go now, but more will be on the way, so stay tuned!

Posted at 10/5/2004 6:11:32 am by logansackett


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